In EBDA3, we are keen to bring out the acts worthy of our customers valued Review through this page simple set of some of our business and that we have implemented recently for our customers, who are deeply proud of being part of our company, The accession of any new customer for us is a honor for the right to strive to be the ability, and harness much of the energies of our team so that we are on the this difficult responsibility level.

  • General Syndicate for food industry workers

    General Syndicate for food industry workers

  • Setro accounts program

    Setro accounts program

    Integrated accounts program

  • Alalamia Insurance Brokerage

    Alalamia Insurance Brokerage

    A special program of insurance brokerage works on Web pages and documents and saves the work and pay the expense of commission and compensation and more specifications

  • Order Taxi

    Order Taxi

    An integrated management program to the requests of the taxi and management of movement

  • Tawsel online

    Tawsel online

    Program for Shipping Company